It snowed today! The clock's have been turned back, unfortunately giving us another hour of 2020, but the selection at Toronto Toys has been turned up! 

We have a ton of awesome gifts for all ages this upcoming holiday season! Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Diwali, Chinese New Year and more are right around the corner and nothing says I love you and wish you well like a cool and fun toy from Toronto Toys!

No matter how old you are, we have a toy for you! These are the best gifts for each age group!


Age 1 to 10!

Perhaps our most popular products, kids ride on cars and kids ride on bikes are the perfect gift for any youngster!

Whether it's your own child, a family member, close friend or neighbour, a ride on toy is an amazing gift that keeps on giving!

Starting at $149 for a kids ride on bike or $199 for a kids ride on car, Toronto Toys has something for all budgets and ages!

Kids ride on cars come equipped with both a remote control for parents and a steering wheel and pedal for kids. As the child grows and continues to explore their new world, they can start driving the car themselves, developing their spatial awareness and fine motor skills.

All the ride on toys also come with a loaded music player, with preloaded music and a story mode, as well as connections for you to play your own music and sounds through USB or AUX. Some even have radio or Bluetooth!


Age 11 to 20!

When we first started selling toys back in 2013, Toronto Toys featured almost exclusively hoverboards! Now Toronto Toys has broadened our roster to includes tons of different toys, but hoverboards are still an extremely popular category, especially with the teenagers!

Featuring loud Bluetooth speakers to blast your favourite songs while you ride and an array of cool colours, a hoverboard is the perfect gift for any teen! They may look daunting to ride, but they are very simple to use! With their self balancing technology, anyone from age 6 to 60 can ride them! Only takes a couple minutes to get the hang of it!


Age 21 to 30!

Hoverboards may be our oldest line of products, but the Aquamarina line of inflatable paddleboards and kayaks is our newest!

With limited opportunities this year, many people turned to outdoor activities that could be enjoyed while still social distancing!


The Aquamarina line of high quality water toys was so popular this year we were sold out for most of the summer! They were harder to find than toilet paper and antiseptic wipes!


And for good reason! Super fun, amazingly easy to transport and extremely durable, Aquamarina inflatable paddleboards and kayaks are the perfect gift for any age. Get one for yourself while your at it!


With tons of models to choose from, which one will you go for!?
Age 31 to 40!
Toronto Toys line of electric scooters are incredibly fun and great for the environment!
Completely green, the electric scooters are battery operated and rechargeable! Great for both work and pleasure!
I have one of these bad boys myself, and everyone who tries it cruises back to me with a smile from ear to ear.
Super fun and easy to use, Toronto Toys electric scooters are a gift that keep on giving for hours and hours of enjoyment!
Age 40+
At this age, the greatest gift you can receive is the gift of giving!
With a Toronto Toys gift card, your gift recipient can choose anything they want from our vast inventory! Or they can pass on the generosity and buy something for a loved one.
Personally, I get much more enjoyment from giving than receiving! 
Whatever you choose, we at Toronto Toys wish you the best and hope you have an amazing holiday season! Thank you for shopping with Toronto Toys!
Take care and stay safe!

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