6 Tips When Buying A Kids Ride On Car!

Hey there! So you are interested in buying a kids ride on car! Here are 6 Tips from an industry insider to consider when buying a kids ride on car!


1. Does it have remote control!?

Kids cars have always been drivable by the child. These days though, all our kids cars at Toronto Toys come with remote control as well, so the younger children aged 1 to 3 can still enjoy these toys, riding and jamming out to their favourite tunes while their parents drive them around! This allows them to get more usage (4 to 5 years) and lets them get comfortable with their new toy until they are old enough to drive it themselves!


2. Do you want licensed or unlicensed?

When buying a kids car, are you looking for an exact replica luxury vehicle like a Bentley or Mercedes Benz? Are you willing to pay a little extra for the add ons and upgrades, such as stitched leather cushioned seats, rubber tires, and licensed logos? Or are you simply looking for the best quality product for the best price?

Unlicensed vehicles usually go for about $100-$200 less than their upgraded and licensed garage mates! Something to consider when deciding which car is the best fit for you!

3. What are the features?

Nowadays, kids cars come loaded with cool features that rival our own cars! But it is important to be aware of what features the cars you are interested in come with.

All Toronto Toys kids cars come with seatbelts, because safety comes first! They all also feature a built in music player with preloaded music, a storymode, and connections for your phone so you can play any music you like! They also have remote control!


4. Is this for inside or outside play?

While kids ride on cars can be used both indoors and outdoors, it is something to consider when buying a kids car? Do you live in a smaller space such as a condo or apartment where a smaller car with a tighter turning radius might be a benefit? Or is space not a factor and the car can be as big as they come!?

Is storage space a factor?

Rubber or plastic tires? Rubber tires provide better grip and traction on all surfaces!

5. Is it better to get a 2 seater for your kids, or two 1 seaters?

This is an interesting one. If you have two kids, you might be thinking about getting a 2 seater. But would your kids rather share a 2 seater, or each have their own car? Sharing is caring, and we definitely want to be teaching our children how to share. But would they have more fun and get more enjoyment out of each having their own car, so they can race and both get to drive. 

It's definitely cute seeing two kids riding together in the same vehicle, but some kids aren't the type to sit quietly while the other one drives.

Sometimes you might even be able to get two 1 seaters for the same price as one 2 seater!

Just something to think about!


6. Who Are You Buying The Kids Car For?

Whether it's for your child, a family members kids birthday, a close friends new baby or just as a cool remote control car for yourself, there is a kids car for you!

Some cars are small, some cars are extra large!

Some have one seat, and some are big whopper two seaters!

Some have 6v batteries, and some pack more of a punch with a 12v battery!

Remember to be mindful when purchasing a kids car of what the child needs. A 2 seater may be more expensive right now, but it will last your child much longer!



Hopefully these thinking points have been helpful to you while considering which kids car to buy!

Thanks and happy driving! 







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