SUMMER IS HERE! Inflatable Paddleboard or Inflatable Kayak!? Why not both!?

Summer is finally here! The weather is getting warmer and our selection is even hotter! Toronto Toys is proud to sell the Aqua Marina luxury line of inflatable paddleboards, kayaks and boats. We are always looking for cool, hip new products to add to our lineup, and Aqua Marina doesn't disappoint! Vibrant colours and high quality, lightweight, top of the line drop stitch technology combine to create the best quality inflatable water toys on the market!

Picture this! It's a beautiful day! The sun is shining, beaming down on a grateful world happy to be outdoors enjoying the fresh air and the nature all around. A slight breeze dances through the air, enough to tease you but not enough to cool you off from the suns fiery gaze. The water beckons you, calling you to its endless blue. You are on the edge of the water, about to cast off in your brand new AQUA MARINA inflatable paddleboard! Or is it an inflatable kayak!? With both 1 person and 2 person variants, AQUA MARINA has you covered no matter what vibe you are searching for!

Aqua Marina kayaks and paddleboards are inflatable; that means they deflate for easy transportation (it fits conveniently in a backpack or carrying case) and are incredibly lightweight. Don't let the light weight fool you though! Aqua Marina products are extremely durable and stable! You wouldn't even realize it was an inflatable if you just stumbled upon it on the shore! When inflated, it becomes very rigid yet comfortable to relax in.

Starting at $299 for an inflatable kayak and $399 for an inflatable paddleboard, Toronto Toys has the best prices in Canada for the Aqua Marina lineup. They are selling out fast though! 

So paddeboard or kayak!?
Personally, I believe if you are having trouble deciding which one to get, it probably means you should get both! Get yours today!

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