Should you buy an Electric Scooter!?

Are you considering purchasing an electric scooter? Whether as a gift for yourself or a special loved one, an electric scooter is an intriguing investment!

Not simply a toy, electric scooters are quickly gaining recognition as a viable, zero emission transportation alternative for city life! With a powerful rechargeable 36v battery with over 1000 charges on it, electric scooters have swiftly cemented themselves as a cool alternative to our usual forms of transportation!

Whether your terrain is the city streets or the park paths, whether you are riding to work, or school, the library or just to have fun, riding an e scooter is both exhilarating and practical! 

Getting to work or school can be a lot more fun, and a little bit quicker as well! 

This is an article about how cities are considering e scooters as the future when thinking of urban planning.

Hopefully you too will be "warmed to the idea of scooters as a form of green mobility". Are "light vehicle lanes" the future?

Can we reduce congestion on our busy streets by taking cars off the road? 

They can be used to save time when in a pinch. Hopefully one is available when you need it! If you own one, you can rely on it when you need it. Easily removable battery is light and convenient to take with you to charge at your desk or the nearest outlet. 1 to 2 hour ride time times over a thousand charges equals hours and hours of fun and smooth sailing!

Here is an article with more information about how e scooters are the future! Memphis is one of the world's leading proponents for the burgeoning e scooter industry.

Check out the Netflix documentary show Follow This Season 3 Episode 1: Scooter Wars for an informative quick report on the viral craze of E scooters!

Memphis, along with many other urban city centres, have electric scooters in mind when designing and upgrading the city. Incorporated into urban planning, cities are making it more accessible and economical to swiftly maneuver through the concrete jungles on a stylish e scooter. Get yours today!

Caution! Always remember to wear a helmet!

What do you think? Are e scooters useful? Are they a fad? Leave a comment below! Share your thoughts!

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