BEAST https://www.torontotoys.ca/collections/water-toys/products/aqua-marina-beast-isup-blue-yellow

Hey hey hey! We all know about supply chain issues by now! Whether it is empty shelves, overbuying toilet paper, or waiting 14 months for your BBQ to arrive, we have all likely been affected by supply chain issues related to impact of COVID on the world economy. But this time it works in your favour!

Our shipments of Aquamarina Inflatable Paddleboards and Kayaks was so delayed last year that half of it arrived after the summer was already over! That means we have a LIMITED QUANTITY of ISUPs and Inflatable Kayaks from last season that we are blowing out for CRAZY SALE PRICES! 

CORAL https://www.torontotoys.ca/collections/water-toys/products/preorder-aqua-marina-coral-isup-pink

VAPOR https://www.torontotoys.ca/collections/water-toys/products/preorder-aqua-marina-vapor-isup-blue

Aquamarina is top of the line in terms of quality and aesthetic appeal. In other words, they look great and work even better! And good quality Inflatable Paddleboards are surprisingly more durable than solid boards! And super easy to transport! Deflates into a handy backpack!

CORAL https://www.torontotoys.ca/collections/water-toys/products/preorder-aqua-marina-coral-isup-pink

MONSTER https://www.torontotoys.ca/collections/water-toys/products/preorder-aqua-marina-monster-isup-red

Inflates in minutes too! Pump included, as well as paddle (for most paddleboards), safety leash, fin, and carry bag.

BREEZE https://www.torontotoys.ca/collections/water-toys/products/preorder-aqua-marina-breeze-isup-green

MAGMA https://www.torontotoys.ca/collections/water-toys/products/aqua-marina-magma-isup-orange

Get yours today because they are sure to sell out fast! Always one of our hottest sellers in the spring and summer months! Great for camping, cottaging or just day adventures!


FUSION https://www.torontotoys.ca/collections/water-toys/products/preorder-aqua-marina-fusion-isup-orange

 CORAL https://www.torontotoys.ca/collections/water-toys/products/preorder-aqua-marina-coral-isup-pink


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