Welcome to Toronto Toys! We specialize in toys for all ages! One audience that is a major focus to us is the kiddos! Check out these awesome new ride on cars we have added this season for your child's enjoyment and yours!
1. The 24V Lamborghini Veneno 2 Seater arrived in late spring and it slams! Adding the 24V battery to the wildly popular Lamborghini design and masterful elegance just completes the trifecta with this new model. It's a slam dunk! Beauty and power! Ideal for one child age 1 to 8 or 2 kids up to age 5.
2. For the toddler that loves to play outside in the backyard, we present the all new 12V Dump Truck! With fully functioning hydraulic dumping bed, your child can play to their hearts content. 
3. We have kids ride on cars starting at $199, and we are happy to announce a new option at the entry $199 price point, the BMW Style with Remote Control and Decals. Ideal for age 1 to 3, this model is a great first car for baby! The remote control and seatbelt allow for a gentle and gradual transition from parental remote control to independent driving and operation by the child. Add in the built in music player and this is one cool toy!
Available in red and white!
4. One of our all time most popular and classic models is the Mercedes Benz G63 G Wagon! We have had a couple variations over the years and they are always a smash success. So when we heard the 2 Seater 6x6 model with 6 wheels and 6 motors had been advanced from 12v to 24v we started drooling! Classic and OG design coupled with the luxury of Mercedes Benz and the exhilarating speed of a 24v battery has created an all around amazing model for you and your kids to enjoy! 
Ideal for one child age 1 to 8 or 2 kids up to age 5! Remote Control included!
5. A good amount of our ride on car customers are looking for 2 seaters to accommodate a growing family and we are happy to announce a new 2 seater model at the affordable entry 2 seater price of $499. At $500 the 12V 4X4 OFFROAD UTV is a great and versatile option for a variety of situations.
Ideal for 1 child age 1 to 8 or 2 kids up to age 4!
Check out all of our 2 seaters starting at $499 now!
Our mission at Toronto Toys is to provide the tools and toys that bring smiles to the faces of our happy customers! Life is meant to be enjoyed! Spoil yourself and your family!
Hope you are well!
Toronto Toys
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