Licensed vs Unlicensed Kids Ride On Cars: What's the Big Difference?

So you are thinking of buying a kids ride on car for your child! What an exciting opportunity! If I could buy a Lamborghini for myself for under $500, I most definitely would! Now your child can ride around the neighbourhood in style in any of the luxurious models that would cost adults a fortune for just a couple hundred dollars!
A new Lamborghini Aventador SVJ would run you about $450 000 CAD, but your child could enjoy an exact replica, fully functional, uber upgraded miniature version of it for less than a thousandth of the price. Our licensed Lamborghini Aventador SVJ 12V kids ride on car is on sale for only $399!
What a deal! 
What are you waiting for!? Get yours today!
So what is the difference between a licensed kids ride on and an unlicensed one?
There are a couple major differences. 
First of all, and probably most importantly, a licensed kids ride on car is made in partnership with the luxurious car company itself, such Lamborighini, Bentley or Mercedes Benz. A team of expert designers from our factory and the car company combine expertise to create an exact replica of the vehicle. The detail is in depth and the quality is unparalleled.
Second of all, a licensed kids car will have the logo built into the kids car. An unlicensed kids car will be missing the logo, have a sticker logo, or one that looks like the real thing but is slightly different.
Third, all our licensed kids ride on car come with upgraded rubber tires instead of plastic, and upgraded leather, cushioned, stitched seats instead of plastic.
Those are the 3 major differences between a licensed and unlicensed kids ride on car. It all depends what you are looking for. An unlicensed kids ride on car will be at a lower price, and for some that is what they are looking for. A licensed kids ride on car will be fancier and flashier, featuring some luxurious upgrades for your little prince or princess.
You can see all the kids ride on cars we have to offer here
Which one calls to you?

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